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Welcome to Sondre_daily, a photo community for Norwegian musician Sondre Lerche.

A few basic rules:

This community is based on pictures. News and info is okay to post, just be sure that you add a picture to the post.

No direct linking to pictures, unless you have the webmaster/mistresses permission. You are more then welcome to upload pictures to your own web space. If you don't have web space or can't afford it, check out imageshack.us or photobucket.com. They are good for uploading pictures, and they're free.

Please no hotlinking from this community!

Pictures over 600 pixels in width, or more than one picture in an entry must be placed behind the LJ cut tag. To determine the width of a picture, right click on the picture and hit properties, then look at the number/width x number/height. That's how you can tell how big a picture is.

Any posts that does not have a picture, or is off topic to this community will be deleted without warning/explanation. No community promoting please, unless they are about Sondre.

Community is run and moderated by sulla_